Seasons May Change but God Will Stay the Same

October 2, 2022
Autumn trees and mountain

Scenery brings about good feelings, new perspective, awe of creation, the list could go on. Last time I wrote about the fall season I mentioned that change is a good thing. The same season all the time could be enjoyable: year-round, sunny beach weather, or the crisp breezy wind swirling from the cold mountains. Changing seasons, literally or figuratively, gives a depth of appreciation for what is not too familiar. While it is good that seasons may change, it is better that God remains the same.

Seasons Change

Recently, I heard someone describe as aspect of humility in a person as not thinking of themselves as arrived, but having the willingness to challenge themselves to find what they can continue working on. I had not thought of humility in that way but I see it. It’s visible in the talented athlete who doesn’t settle for mediocrity but acknowledges his room for improvement. It’s observed in the dedication of the wise woman who is willing to explore the newer version of a homemaking skill rather than cling to what she’s deemed as tried and true. We all have something to learn. We all have room to grow.

God is the Same

Reading the Bible is a recommendation that will not go out of style. That is because God does not change and that is a good and praiseworthy thing! However, learning from different people who love Jesus is a gift. He has given spiritual gifts to each of us who love Him, so that we may be built up and encourage one another. While I have my favorite christian authors that I often read, there is good in picking up the latest book from one I have heard about. Or change the typically topic I read about to delve into an area I previously did not give much attention to. Usually, I look to the largest book seller to get my reads from but I’ve discovered bookshop in my plight to branch out to new authors and old ones alike. I found that independent and online bookstores carry classic reads to new ones. This fall season may seem like nothing has changed or maybe there has. Either way I implore you to go deeper with something that’s familiar to you. You may just find something new.

Plaid blanket with cup of hot chocolate, novel, and autumn leaves.