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Risen Motherhood: A Book Review

June 11, 2020
Risen Motherhood; book


Risen Motherhood is a podcast co-led by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler. They discuss various topics and issues related to the season of motherhood and how they intersect with the gospel. Last year, they came out with a book that includes many of the major issues moms face. When reading the Bible we don’t always see how to applies it to our lives, let alone in a particular season of life. This book brings out just how truth from the Bible applies to the season of motherhood and then gives us the tools to learn how to continue to apply the gospel after we close the covers. 

My Review:

I was introduced to Risen Motherhood when I was a few months into motherhood myself. In those early days, weariness was a constant companion, reading my Bible seemed like wishful thinking, and the role of new mom was weighing heavy. Listening to the podcast the first time felt like a drink of cold water on a scorching day. The next two weeks I binge listened to the show so much that my baby at the time began to dance and wiggle to the intro song every time it came on. I loved how the show felt so relatable yet didn’t skimp on the heavy topics of faith. They do a really good job at reminding moms that this season of life has purpose! 

This podcast was not just entertainment for the next 20 minutes to get me through the mundane tasks of the day. These ladies showed me where to get a more lasting and refreshing drink to quench my thirst. I was encouraged to get back to regular time of reading my Bible even if it was a short time in between feedings. Slowly but surely I did and I am so thankful that God used this podcast to point me back to Jesus. 

Who this book is for:

This book is great for moms of any age, stage, and even women who are not yet mothers. I think about how useful this podcast would have been in the months during pregnancy. My reader’s tip would be to read this book slowly. It read it over the course of a few months. It took that long partially because of time constraints (if I’m being real) but also because I was challenged in many areas. Be prepared to see areas of yourself that you may be making strides in, but also take time to evaluate how you can submit other areas of weakness to the truth of God’s word. 

After you’ve read the book, visit their website at to find more about the podcast, articles, tools for bible study, and recommended resources on motherhood and parenting. 

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