Pressing Pause: Embracing Interruptions

August 20, 2022

Wonder or Wonderful?

How often do we find ourselves immersed in a good movie or an interesting youtube video only to be interrupted by something else? How do you handle those interruptions? Do you find yourself wondering why is this happening. Or do you think about what a wonderful opportunity it is to pause what you’re watching in order to engage in something else that requires your attention? Perhaps it depends on the nature of the interruption. Or we could examine interruptions in such a way that we may consider to begin pressing pause.

Why would pausing be beneficial? Wouldn’t that mean we are missing out on something? Pause can be defined as a break or rest in speech or action, hesitation, wait, or delay. It’s no fun when your plane is delayed and you’re eager to begin your beach vacation. Waiting for your food can be unpleasant when you’re hungry. There are plenty of reasons why pausing is to our disadvantage. Pausing could even make a person appear less self-assured if they are hesitant to make a decision or speak on a matter.

I wonder what the power of pausing can do to our benefit? I immediately think of thinking before speaking as a good rule of thumb in using our words with care. Or it can be a break from an intense workout video to get a drink of water…or watch the instructor do the next rep while you catch your breathe hehehe! What’s important is that pausing can provide time to do something more important, prepare our next action or word. Pausing can provide perspective on what is the better thing I should do in this moment.

fstarry sky over mountains

Making Margin

Pausing is not stopping. It indicates that your will resume the activity at some point. This is great especially when we need a break to prevent an unhealthy pace as in an intense workout. It also redeems time for us to refocus on something that requires more of our attention in the present moment. (Think refilling your favorite drink during an exciting show series!) I’ve provided some lighthearted examples but what a moment of pause can actually do in the heavier matters are create margin.

Margin gives us time in our days, weeks, and regular routines of life to sustain the pace we are going. It gives us time to sit and wonder. If we are attentive, we can take the initiative to create this margin or sometimes margin is created for us. Either way, we can choose to delight in the wonderful possibilities that a temporary period of waiting can provide.

Glorious Interruptions

Try thinking of a time when your plans were interrupted. What was the outcome? It could be that your experienced sadness, joy, love, or perplexity. Perhaps your viewed the interruption as a disruption. Maybe it was a welcomed break. I am challenged to think about how interruptions to us are seen through the eyes of a Sovereign God. A God who loves us so deeply and does only what is good. How does He view what we view as interruptions in our lives? No matter what purpose God has for times of pause, it is time well spent if we could linger long enough to be in awe of what God is doing in our lives. If that is not enough, linger long enough to be in awe of a wonderful God.