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Motherhood: Creating an Atmosphere of Peace

August 9, 2018

A Book Review On The Peaceful Mom-Building a Firm Foundation On Christ As Lord By April Cassidy


Hi Friends! The role of a mom is another way women can glorify God. As we seek to glorify God in our mothering, we must depend on the Holy Spirit to produce the fruit of peace in our lives. Peace may seem unattainable in a home with little ones. However, April Cassidy dives into how moms can cultivate peace that only comes from God. Happy reading!



This book is a resource for moms seeking to parent out of dependence on God. It is filled with both biblical truths applied to the season of motherhood and practical ways to live out that truth. The stories testify to the ways other women learned from their mistakes and have matured in certain areas by God’s grace. The book is divided into two sections. The first section covers a mom’s relationship with God and the second covers daily parenting. Saturated with scripture, The Peaceful Mom provides biblical application of God’s word to life. April has also included resources at the end to help a mom grow deeper in her relationship with Christ. She sends a clear message that the key to a woman becoming a peaceful mom is becoming rooted in her relationship with Christ.

My Review

This is not your typical mommy book giving tips on what to do with your crying baby or defiant teenager. This book takes you deep into what will truly lead you to peaceful parenting, which is Christ. April skillfully explains deep theological principles in simple, clear terms. She then follows up with extremely practical ways that you can begin implementing right away. She is very detailed and gives bullet-pointed lists and charts to show whatever topic she is fleshing out. This makes this book a great resource to return to over and over again. The book gets to the heart of the issues we face in our mothering and teaches sustainable ways to address them. As I read this book, my mindset shifted from ‘how can I change my child’ to ‘how can I change so that my child may be influenced for the better’.

Final Thoughts

A Peaceful Mom is for any mom in any stage of motherhood or spiritual maturity. It is never too late to become a better mother! I found it most effective to read through each chapter slowly and prayerfully, asking God to transform my heart along the way. I then thoughtfully applied the necessary tips to my own parenting. The personal stories included by others were of some help. I believe there is great value (and fun) in getting with another mom or two and sharing your own personal accounts of our mistakes and failures. We are then able to encourage one another to look to the grace of God as we parent to and for His glory!


Here’s where you can find a copy of The Peaceful Mom. April also has blogs and Youtube channels geared to married and single women.