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Friendship: Loving One Another Well

December 31, 2018

A Book Review on Made for Friendship by Drew Hunter


Choosing to read a book about friendship seemed kind of funny to me. I was interested in what could be said about the topic that I did not already know. Turns out friendship, in a biblical context, goes beyond what is widely thought of by most. I closed the covers of this book, more aware of my need to be more intentional in my friendships. Most importantly, Hunter introduces specific ways someone can grow as a friend. I plan on taking some of these ideas into the new year with me!

My Review:

Moreover, what I most appreciated about Drew Hunter’s writing is how he better defined a concept that I once thought was so familiar. I am more aware of areas of my current friendships where I can be more intentional with cultivating depth in the relationship. Examining some of my own failures, I am now looking to God’s grace as an encouragement to be a more faithful friend. Hunter does a great job at drawing out the various aspects of this type of relationship. He also includes quotes from the years of experience from many well-known figures as support. Much of this book is devoted to exploring how friendship is at the core of Christian community with one another.

By God’s grace, Christian friends have a deeper relationship with one another because of their bond of Christ. How easy is it to walk into the church not really engaging with anyone and walking out unknown by those who Christ has called us to lay our lives down for. Hunter challenges his readers to initiate digging deeper roots into their current friendships. I will begin by loving my friends more sacrificially. With this in mind, I am excited to invite others to enjoy Christian friendship by engaging them with the gospel.

Final Thoughts:

As I read Made for Friendship, a couple of friends came to mind. I witness the way my friends live and want to become more like them because they reflect the image of Christ. What they say, how they respond to difficult situations, things they choose to do and choose not to do and the reasoning for their choices all show me how to be an imitator of Christ. This happens by spending time together. These people are not only my dear friends but they also purposefully pour the word of God into me. They continually do this by pointing me to scripture. Friendship is the perfect conduit for discipleship. Experiencing friendship is a precious gift from God. However, the true reward is being the one who is able to be this kind of gift to another. That first comes from walking intimately in deep friendship with Christ.

Happy New Year!!


I received a review copy of this book from Crossway in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.